Adjust the direction of credit to meet the urbanization needs 55219

CPPCC, China Merchants Bank Ma weihua said in interview with the securities times said of urbanization in the next 20 years there is a lot of room, many new demands for banking services, on the direction of this credit will be adjusted in order to meet the needs of urbanization development.

he said: "China's urbanization is only 50% per cent, while in some developed countries had reached 70%, China's urbanization development space is very large, when many farmers into urban population, then, brings huge development space for the banking business. "He emphasized that these new spaces, new requirements not only cover the needs of investment, including service to the demand for cost of living.

the two sessions this year, he made a number of proposals to be built to make suggestions. In an interview with reporters, he emphasized the content of its proposal, support for small and micro businesses, he told reporters: "the Party Central Committee put forward the transformation of economic development mode, which is very important is to improve the economic development of the quality and technical content. To enhance the technological content of China's economic growth as soon as possible, except the State Government should increase scientific and technological input, needs to improve financial support for technological innovation-oriented small and micro enterprises supporting policies, technological innovation-oriented small and micro enterprises to solve their financing problems, creating a suitable for innovative small business growth and development of the financial environment. "

in this regard, he suggested that gradual improvement including junior, gem, new Board and OTC equity trading markets, including a multi-level capital market system to encourage more science and technology innovation of small and micro enterprises in the capital market listing, bond issuance and merger activities, and guide the VC, venture to increase investment in such enterprises.

in addition, he also in this year's proposals call for changes in the law on commercial banks, and support integrated management of commercial banks. Should be allowed to TRANS-invest in shares or holdings of commercial banks other financial institutions such as trust companies, securities companies, insurance companies, fund management companies and other. He suggested that commercial banks can get permission from banking regulators engaged in wealth management trust business. To safeguard the long-term steady development of banking business and to better protect the interests of customers, he recommended clear banks of the wealth management business, while banking is defined as specific types of trusts. And in order to prevent commercial banks directly involved in real investment and real estate fields, causing market chaos, should remain non-private commercial banks are not allowed to invest directly in real estate and prohibitive legal requirements of non-financial enterprises. In addition, he also submitted proposals for speeding up the securitization.

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