Advance credit binge disappeared

the Central Bank's monetary policy "tight balance" context, usually appears at the beginning of the loan focused this year, "not anymore": the banks have tightening from the beginning, controlling the pace of credit.

Post reporter recently learned from a number of banks in the industry, various commercial banks in early January after the assault full year December accumulated loans, credit pace slowed sharply, due to implementation of "total control" and window guidance, this early, many enterprises will have to receive loans through financial products such as off-balance sheet channel.

good credit no longer makes personal loans has also been implicated. It is understood that at present in the Shanghai area, agro-industrial relations in State-owned bank's branches in Shanghai, new mortgage applications have been all cancellation and transferred back to a minimum of 85 percent lending rate benchmark interest rate.

particularly worth mentioning is that domestic credit tightening seems to have also affected the foreign customers.

according to the United Kingdom yesterday by the financial times, citing people familiar with the report, in recent months, the State Development Bank has asked several foreign client deferred extract previously arranged lines of credit, were told to delay used a line of credit of enterprises, including the two India companies, one was an infrastructure developer, a shipping conglomerate.

"(control of rapid credit growth in China) to influence has been passed to the financial sector as a whole, or even wholly owned by affecting State CDB. "United Kingdom financial times with all due respect, China tensions abroad caused shock waves in the financial system.

see also window guidance

in credit squeeze balanced tone, past the credit storm that erupted in early this year, is rapidly disappearing.

"last year December of last more than 20 days, whole branch of loan put, regardless of is on public also is personal, all stopped off, saved has large list, so early in lines just down of when does has had a wave assault lending, but and in previous years compared, due to purposes ' total control ', plus window Guide, now whole table within loan still is tight, similar last year three quarter put rhythm, wants to get loan also is only go funds pool, and financial products, table outside channel. "Against a big state-owned bank, Shanghai Branch duigongyewu with post reporters.

banks tighten early has also spread to individual housing loans. Taking Shanghai for example, this year, the agro-industrial relations in State-owned bank's branches in Shanghai, new mortgage applications have been all cancellation and transferred back to a minimum of 85 percent lending rate benchmark interest rate.

according to post reporter of information from multiple professionals, this year's atmosphere does not like in previous years.

except let institutions haunt of money tight factors, Bank in January 17 held 2014 currency credit workshop Shang on had public on January credit soared rose sounded alarm, its Shi Bank clear pointed out that "January yilai loan growth more fast", while reminded "currency credit sector to timely tips risk, guide financial institutions strengthening liquidity and assets liabilities management, reasonable arrangements loan put rhythm, prevent assets had fast expansion".

in accordance with established practice, the Central Bank should scale of this week's announcement of new loans in January, when regulators can be found through data "very tight" reasons.

CDB also lack money

to credit earlier this year and very different to previous years, there may be one of the best footnote: even State wholly-owned CDB had been affected.

one person told Post reporter revealed yesterday, "as the cost of State Bank assets and liabilities have been hung upside down, since the end of last year, CDB has been quietly raising mortgage rates in many places, not just infrastructure, or even student loans, interest rate increases, and is not small. "

delays in the issuance of loans and higher mortgage rates quietly behind these phenomena, since the second half of last year State bond yields surge continues, CDB's spreads narrowed sharply along with, constrained by the high cost of financing loan origination.

compared with commercial banks, CDB lending sources of funds are not deposits of, instead of issuing bonds. "Has been yilai, rating institutions on country open line of rating and China sovereignty rating same, this means with country open line can in sovereignty credit of protection Xia maintained low cost sent debt, is due to financing cost low, country open line basic belongs to ' waiting for sent debt ' on can earned have rich profit, but with last year second half of debt city completely into bear, country open debt of issued interest rate constantly improve, reached near 10 years highest value, traditional of profit mode by huge impact, profit also with of sharply shrink. "A bank analyst who declined to be named, said yesterday.

notable is, in the context of regulators control the total amount of money and money was tight, CDB, the long end of the interest rate of the bond issuance costs are approaching 2005 high. Latest new from CDB bid rates, January 21 State CDB tender new 1-year fixed-rate bond bidding rate for 5.0047%, bid yield 5.603% 3-year, 5-year 5.7057%, the new 10-year bid rate at 5.8147%.

Post reporter noted that the CDB has repeatedly cut its debt in the four quarter, which market players said, in the face of high capital prices, State Bank to even consider reducing debt this year.

it is worth mentioning that, State Bank credit effects of tension also spread to overseas.

United Kingdom Financial Times reported two India companies have asked to delay the extraction by CDB arranged lines of credit. In addition, the State Bank and another State-owned bank of China import and export Bank now more willing to force the international lenders into bankruptcy and then selling their assets in the global market, in an attempt to recover the value of bad loans as possible.

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