By leveraging microfinance practice of Hainan rural finance reform

"our goal is to use micro-credit leverage of Hainan rural financial reform, rural financial reform to promote economic reform in rural areas of Hainan, Hainan rural economic reform to promote rural reforms in China as a whole. "In the recently held China microfinance development network annual Conference 2009 and 2009 China microfinance Summit, Union of rural credit cooperatives in Qiongzhong County, Hainan Province, Chen Kuiming, Director of microfinance headquarters confidently expressed to the participants.

during the 2007 Boao Forum, Luo Baoming, Governor of Hainan Province and the Bangladeshi "banker to the poor" Professor Yunus in hand "hook" opened the prelude of the Hainan rural microfinance practice. In just two years time, Hainan rural credit cooperatives learn from Yunus as to explore microfinance "Qiongzhong terrain model" received Vice Premier Wang Qishan, nongban Chen xiwen, Director of highly valued and the CBRC chairman Liu mingkang. Chairman Liu mingkang at Bo AO Forum 2009 is pleased to say "Hainan Yunus" fade-in contours, he saw China's "grass-roots financial" one bright spot on the horizon. As one of the last reform of the rural credit cooperatives, microfinance practices to promote the comprehensive reform of the rural credit cooperatives in Hainan. In 2008, asset quality improved, and other important indicators of rural credit cooperatives in Hainan ranks first progress nationwide.

said Chen Kuiming, microfinance is not only technical and financial problems, but a general social problem, only microfinance to talk about micro-credit is not a way out. We should mobilize all possible efforts to support microfinance, microfinance can be sustainable development. Our work is: cooperation is the basis of finance is the core technology is the means, marketing is the leading insurance barriers.

exploring microfinance in Qiongzhong County model, develop microcredit Scout team

in April 2008, two Grameen experts stationed in Hainan Qiongzhong, started the Grameen micro-credit pilot project. Inspired by the model of Grameen, province rural credit cooperatives with Qiongzhong actual situation exploring microfinance in Qiongzhong County model. Connotation of Qiongzhong terrain model are: loans, State guarantees farmers the repayment, the Government subsidized. Qiongzhong pattern implementations "three combinations": that is, the Government's fiscal policy combined with the financial institution's credit policy, industry and the characteristics of the local financial product innovation combines, construction of local economic development and farmers combine. This pattern decoded farmers loans, cracking the financial institution lending difficult, cracked optimizing rural credit environment, solve farmers ' cooperative organizations, solve difficult aspects of rural industrial structure adjustment has made a useful exploration and practice.

to this end, Liu mingkang, special instructions: "well begun, enhance supervision to promote." Wei remained in Qiongzhong, Hainan Provincial Committee Secretary research, see microfinance rich farmers smile on the side of the cadre said, "farmers face is our achievement." Provincial Governor Luo Baoming proposed to sum up experience, step up publicity and promotion requirements in the province. On July 23 this year, Hainan and optimize rural financial service and Qiongzhong microcredit promotion held in Qiongzhong County, blew in Qiongzhong County in micro-credit promotion of the Horn in the province.

through the promotion of microfinance in Qiongzhong, Hainan rural credit cooperatives to optimize micro-credit organization, cultivating and training a large number of micro-finance professionals and set up microcredit in Qiongzhong County headquarters, 19 cities and counties across the province Association of microfinance team and business to implement vertical, in full accordance with the Divisional system operates. A year, micro-credit operators from 3 people to the present 270 people, the team's corporate culture and incentive mechanisms, risk control, master train an Apprentice Chef management system initially formed, farmers need independent development of "lesser" forest right mortgage loan products, such as more and more farmers welcome. 204 townships in the province realize the whole cover micro-credit operators, farmers ' loans is not out of town, and repayment is not out of the village's goal is to become a reality.

Active create good of external environment, financial core status preliminary formed

to to small credit technician in village carried out work provides good of external environment, province agricultural letter Association has and mission provincial, and provincial Organization Department, and province poverty do, and province FMC, province agricultural Office signed agreement or joint issued file, respectively launched rural integrity youth venture loan, "two Board" cadres members double with rich loan, social social interactive (farmers professional cooperatives and agricultural letter social) loan.

Hainan Provincial Government attached great importance to, and microfinance provides unprecedented good political and social environment. In coordination with the provincial poverty alleviation Office, the provincial women's Federation, and farmer loan an orderly start. Especially on September 9 in white farmers ' meeting held in central cities and counties, Luo Baoming proposed "small loans the Government should discount" requirements, increasing farmers ' income and included in the subsequently issued by the central file, open government financial support for micro-credit in the country of its kind.

Meanwhile, provincial government initiated special measures, the provincial Commission for discipline inspection, personally deployed in Hainan Province High Court set off a mammoth collection of storm. In 2008 alone paid public officials and rural credit cooperative loan principal and interest in arrears of nearly 140 million, total clearing in led 550 million Yuan. Again this year in the province, with the support of the High Court to recover loans exceeded 600 million Yuan. These measures not only clears the internal worms and revived social credit culture, to promote micro-credit for in-depth and comprehensive work provides a sound credit environment. Provincial Government attached great importance to, and centered on microcredit, increase farmers ' income of rural financial core status in Hainan formed. Set up a credit guarantee companies, solve the problem loans

of local enterprises and large industry is one of the local industries and bellwether, especially familiar to local industries and farmers, local farmers ' respect and trust them, by local leading enterprises and industry involved in the formation of the security company can solve the loan problem, and can effectively solve the problems financial institutions lending. Tunchang County rural credit cooperatives 2008 loans less than 15 million Yuan to farmers, set up this year after the company, less than two months to areca processing farmers ' loan over 15 million Yuan.

the combination of rural credit cooperatives and security company, has lowered the credit risks of financial institutions, broadened the scope of the guarantee company for business or household services and raw materials, increase revenues, and more importantly not increase farmers ' burdens. After the introduction of security companies, rural credit cooperatives to surrender a part interest income to guarantee companies, farmers ' spending did not increase the total cost of a penny, farmers are convenient loan can also obtain tangible benefits.

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